Danielle Jones


Location: New York City Area

Danielle Jones is a founder of the Lineapple Application, a mobile based information company.  The Lineapple technology helps businesses get data to increase operational efficiency and  users to get back to the things they love by eliminating waiting in long lines. Ms. Jones is a native New Yorker, who obtained a CPA license in the state of NY.  Ms. Jones left PricewaterhouseeCoopers (“PwC”) as a Manager of Large Accounts to become a serial entrepreneur and tech co-founder. During her time at PwC most of her clients were large entities with employees of 5,000 or more. Ms. Jones believes that no business can function well without data and analytics. Previously Ms. Jones was part of another tech startup that pivoted into Lineapple. Ms. Jones in her spare time enjoys traveling globally and domestically. Danielle is also a roller coaster enthusiast who consistently has a season pass to Six Flags.