CV Harquail


Location: New York City Area

CV Harquail, PhD, works at the confluence of organizational change, leadership, social issues, and digital technology. She brings together academic research expertise, change agent experience, an intersectional feminist point of view, and new media fluency to help leaders think differently about the relationships between organizations, individuals, technology, social change, and systems.   CV’s academic research emphasizes organizational identity and authenticity, systems of engagement, positive organizing, collective meaning, and change advocacy.    At Stevens Institute of Technology, CV teaches students how to use ‘Lean’ logic to create new businesses and to help organizations adopt new technologies. On her blog, CV analyzes current business, social and political issues using management science to offer a feminist, not-entirely-capitalist perspective. She’s currently investigating how organizations can practice generosity, internally and within their networks, to build their business while boosting others. Follow her at @cvharquail and at