Chana Ginelle Ewing


Location: New York City Area
Chana Ginelle Ewing, an elder stateswoman of the millennial generation, was raised in “inner-city” Boston on a diet of hip-pop culture fantasies, female empowerment and “you-can-do-anything” parenting. She dreamt of becoming the next Tarantino/Lee/Winfrey hybrid. Thankfully that didn’t happen; and Chana spent her twenties making herself and a living in corporate executive administration, event marketing and film production. Along the way, Chana had a few wins like founding Michelle O Brunch and producing an off-off-off broadway theater showcase, and a few losses like the unfinished screenplays that lay on her Brooklyn studio floor. She learned that the Girl, that would be Quentin/Spike/Oprah, loved the art and practice of storytelling.
Chana’s beta saw the integration of storytelling into the worlds of entrepreneurship, innovation and rabble-rousing. You can now find her serving out her cool kid/millennial term atlittlebigGirl + CO, a scrappy “connections studio,” helping clients connect the dots between being human, being a brand and being awesome.